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R.T. fresh is a family company engaged in the production and export of agricultural produce. The company was founded 30 years ago by the father of the family. We specialize in growing and packaging of fresh crops The cultivation areas are spread over about one hundred hectare of fields and greenhouses in the western Negev region of Israel. The crops are adjusted to the land and climate conditions in our area, under the supervision of the house agronome. The crop species that we produce have a long shelf life and are resistant to diseases and pests. We are able to deliver those crops to you fresh and tasty.

We grow our crops according to the highest standards and insist on combined management of pesticides The sorting and packaging process takes place in new state of the art facilities, which implement the most advanced technology.
The control over the company's products from the stage of planning until the final delivery to the consumer is under very strict supervision.
We are highly committed to the quality and safety of our products, to the employees' welfare, to the environment and to the safety of the visitors on site.

We are fully updated with the changes and trends in the global market. Therefore, we are in a constant learning process in order to provide services and products of the highest quality. In the rapidly changing world of today, we have developed the ability to adapt ourselves to technological changes in a short period of time.

R.T. fresh also provides sourcing services to a wide variety of products which include: quality control, handling the produce, and transportation.
The company has been certified to be in conformance with the GLOBAL GAP standard.

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